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Tuesday, September 17
Gaja 2015 Barolo Conteisa & Sperss

Released this morning (08.10.19), the 2015 single vineyard Barolos 'Sperss' and 'Conteisa' from Gaja will be in hot demand.  Usually, our focus is on the quality of the winemaking alone.  With this release, we cannot help pointing out that the best, most collectable Italian wines have steadily been gaining ground in the fine wine market.  A recent Liv-Ex market report on Italy points out that the secondary market share for Italian wines has doubled in the last five years, whilst the number of wines traded has quadrupled.   

At the same time, price growth has remained relatively flat.  Much of the growth which has occurred has focused on Super Tuscans (Sassicaia et al).  The top Piedmont wines are, according to Liv-Ex's metrics, less than half the price of equivalent Bordeaux wines and less than a quarter of equivalent wines from Burgundy

Sperss and Conteisa both feature in the top 20 in Liv-Ex's recent classification of Italian fine wines.  Single vineyard wines (where production is inherently limited) from the best vintages like 2015 clearly have the most long-term appeal for investors.


2015 Barolos 'Conteisa', Gaja

"The large shoulders of this warm 2015 vintage contrast sharply with the delicate nuances of the 2016 Barbarescos also released now from Gaja. The 2015 Barolo Conteisa is intense, with a background chorus of plum, prune, herb, mint and wild cherry. It's a very balanced Barolo. The Cerequio vineyard that provides this fruit often suffers from hail damage because the vineyard is located along the corridor of bad weather that comes over the hill from La Morra. There was some damage in mid-August, but fruit in the 2016 vintage suffered much more extensively in comparison. In fact, so little fruit was saved that Gaia Gaja is pretty sure this wine will not be produced next vintage. She tells me that they are now experimenting with anti-hail netting at this site—an eyesore they had long hoped to avoid.  96 points." Monica Larner, The Wine Advocate Aug 2019

£990 per case of 6 bottles in bond


2015 Barolos 'Sperrs', Gaja

"In the 2015 Barolo Sperss, you can taste the iron rust and minerality that is so specific to the soils of Serralunga d'Alba where this wine is born. It is very bold and represents the more powerful of these two wines from Barolo. Cerequio is always the more floral, while the Sperss has an immediate cherry and some lingering, bold, blackberry aromas that make a strong impact. However, this wine does not have the austerity of a classic Barolo. Instead it shows a richer texture and it casts a wider net of flavors. Serralunga d'Alba fruit is marked by stronger concentration and ripeness, with a very firm and unyielding quality of tannin that should hold the wine steady as it moves through its aging evolution. This is a truly beautiful albeit brawny Nebbiolo. 97 points."  Monica Larner, The Wine Advocate Aug 2019

£1125 per case of 6 bottles in bond

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