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2020 Château Canon En Primeur

2020 Château Canon was out this morning at £1,152 per dozen.  Arguably it is the wine of Bordeaux 2020 and our initial allocations were in effect sold out in advance. We are hopeful of sourcing a little more next week, so if you would like a case and have not already been in touch, please do so now.

Bordeaux En Primeur, Landing in spring 2023

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Château Canon, St.-Émilion

Producer Profile

Château Canon, St.-Émilion

Château Canon is a Premiers Grands Crus Classés (B) estate in the commune of St.-Émilion.  The name most likely derives from the swashbuckling Jacques Kanon, a privateer who made his money capturing (among others) English ships in the channel and futher afield.  He bought Canon in 1760 and built the château in 1767.  

Today Canon is owned by the Chanel Group, along with its neighbour Berliquet and Rauzan-Ségla in Margaux.  Nicholas Audebert is the technical director and Thomas Duclot is the consultant.  Audebert has overseen a renovation of the estates since 2012 and quality has risen rapidly.


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