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Our specialist fine wine shop, beneath our offices in Aldeburgh, is named after the fishing hamlet of Slaughden Quay (painted by Turner, above) which once stood to the south of the town, before being lost to the sea in the last century. 

Here we stock a selection of over 300 wines, mostly classic and Old World, at fine wine wholesale prices; from around £12 per bottle to several thousand.  The minimum order is just 6 bottles or £75.  We import most of our wines directly from small growers.

The shop has a particularly strong selection of 'drinking' fine wines at £15-£50 and an extensive collection of mature and historic vintages of Bordeaux Crus Classés, Burgundy, and other classics.  New additions bought from private cellars arrive regularly.  You will also find a selection of BIN END wines at the end of the full shop list.  We are always happy to offer personalized advice.

Unlike our main fine wine list, the prices below include duty & VAT.

Opening Hours

Mon-Fri:  9am - 5pm

Sat:  10am - 1pm

Sun:  Closed

(Closed on all bank holidays)

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