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2022 Enclos Tourmaline En Primeur

2022 Enclos Tourmaline En Primeur: Just released.

Released yesterday, 2022 Châteaux Tour Saint-Christophe, Bellefont-Belcier & Enclos Tourmaline are three Right Bank estates owned by the financier Peter Kwok.  Along with fine art, Kwok has been 'collecting' Bordeaux estates since 1997, but unlike some remote investor-buyers he is known for being a great wine lover and for a passionate interest in his wines.

We have offered Enclos Tourmaline with enthusiasm for the last few years.  Located in Pomerol, Enclos is just 1.2 hectares in size and is always in high demand.

Offered en primeur, landing spring 2025.

Magnums available with £15 ex-VAT bottling surcharge, please enquire re other formats.

Offered en primeur, landing spring 2025.



Enclos Tourmaline, Pomerol

Producer Profile

Enclos Tourmaline, Pomerol

Enclos Tourmaline is a tiny estate in Pomerol, just 1.2 hectares of 100% Merlot, owned by financier and vineyard owner Peter Kwok. Produced in small quantities only during great vintages, the first vintage produced less than 1,000 bottles.  The estate is named after Tourmaline, a multi-coloured precious gemstone. Made from three distinct parcels of vines, each contributes a different character.  The wine is aged in 100% new oak.

Michel Rolland is the consultant oenologist and Jean Christophe Meyrou is General Manager, with Peter Kwok's son Howard Kwok in overall charge.

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