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2020 Alter Ego de Palmer En Primeur

Released en primeur this morning, 2020 Alter Ego de Palmer is successfully escaping the surly bonds of being thought of as a 'second wine' to Palmer.  This is not just a matter of good marketing, as Alter Ego comes from its own, separate vineyards.  With a higher Merlot content than in the grand vin, it often strikes us as more forward than Palmer, but not so far from it in terms of seriousness and complexity.  Not surprising, perhaps, that Merlot is taken very seriously here, with Thomas Ducloux in charge since 2004 (formerly winemaker at Ornellaia).

The bad news is that volumes are down by almost 40% in 2020.  Mildew was a problem once again, as in 2018, but once again the estate stuck to their biodynamic guns and thinned the crop, rather than resort to chemical treatments. The good news is that they have produced a superb wine as a result.  Stock is very limited, do please let us know straight away if you would like to order.

Bordeaux En Primeur, landing in spring 2023

Limited availability.  To order, e-mail us at 

Château Palmer, Margaux

Producer Profile

Château Palmer, Margaux

Château Palmer is a Troisième Cru Classé estate in the commune of Margaux.  Originally the vineyards were part of the d'Issan estate, but became known as Château de Gasq when they were purchased by the family of the same name.  The estate acquired its modern name in 1814, when it was bought by the English general, Charles Palmer, on his way back from the Peninsular War where he had fought with Wellington against Napoleon.  Palmer eventually died bankrupt, having spent his wealth on his vines!

In 1938, the Sichel family joined forces with a group of wine merchant friends to purchase the property (originally including the Ginestet and Miailhe families).  Today, the majority shareholders of Sichel and Mahler-Besse, with a number of other minority shareholders.

The vineyard is 52 hectares of 'croupes' (knolls) of Garonne gravel, planted to 47% Cabernet Sauvignon, 47% Merlot and 6% Petit VerdotThomas Duroux, formerly winemaker at Tenuta Dell'Ornellaia, has been in charge since 2004.  The estate is run biodynamically

The second wine, Alter Ego de Palmer, has become increasingly serious in recent years, so much so that in fact Palmer now sees this as not a second wine as such, but as a wine in its own right, with the grapes coming from a dedicated vineyard. 


RED 2020 2 cases Château Palmer 75cl £1,090 per case of 6 Château Palmer
2020 / 2 cases / 75cl
£1,090 per case of 6
RED 2020 3 bottles Château Palmer - Historical XIXth Century Blend 75cl £195 per bottle Château Palmer
Historical XIXth Century Blend
2020 / 3 bottles / 75cl
£195 per bottle

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