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1969 Delamain Early-Landed Cognac

We are delighted to have secured a parcel of extremely rare Delamain 1969 Early Landed Cognac, available at £280 per bottle excluding VAT.  Delamain has always stood apart from the other Cognac houses we know of, producing only XO cognac of amazing quality, in tiny quantities.  As a style, 'Early Landed' cognac is now passing into history, so this is an offer not to be missed. 

With Delamain's fourteenth-century cellars in Jarnac just 60 metres from the Charente River, you might think there was no better location for the steady evaporation of the 'parts des anges'.  However, in the early nineteenth century, it was discovered that shipping young cognac to England and ageing it in our damp, humid conditions made for especially long, slow ageing.   These 'early landed, late bottled' cognacs usually tasted fresher than their Jarnac-aged counterparts, but with more delicacy and complexity.  The laws for cognac production changed some years ago, to ensure it was all bottled in the region, meaning that Early Landed bottlings are a thing of the past.  This historic 1969 was landed in the UK in 1972 in barrel, and aged for a further twenty-four years before being bottled by Justerini & Brooks in 1996.

You can read more about the unique house of Delamain below.

Stock is limited, please let us know as soon as possible if you would like to order.

Offered duty paid ex-VAT, immediately available.



SPIRIT 1969 6 bottles Delamain - Early-Landed Cognac 75cl £280 per bottle Delamain
Early-Landed Cognac
1969 / 6 bottles / 75cl
£280 per bottle
Landed 1972; Bottled 1996
SPIRIT 1969 1 case Delamain - Early-Landed Cognac 75cl £3,000 per case of 12 Delamain
Early-Landed Cognac
1969 / 1 case / 75cl
£3,000 per case of 12
Landed 1972; Bottled 1996

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